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Publish Date
August 19, 2019
22 Years, Female, Asian
Medical Condition
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome PCOS
Medical History

PCOD- A Lifestyle Disorder

Few days before in our clinic, we had a female patient having age 20 yrs. Before asking her any question her overall appearance was like she has swollen or fluffy, her voice was hoarse, facial hair growth was clearly seen. After examining her, I started with a normal conversation. the major complaint was irregular menses and then associated problems to that thing like acne and facial hair growth, weight gain, etc. then I want to go to the root cause of disease, asked her about the daily routine. Things she said to me after that are just shocked me so much that how one can do such things in life. There was no fixed timing for eating, sleeping, and toilet. Frequently eating fast food, doesn’t know about exercise, etc. she has few breakups in her life due to her frequent mood swings. She has gained so much weight. She was having physical as well as mental fatigue.

After overlooking on a period of 50-60 years ago, there are no such PCOD like diseases were present. Nowadays the lifestyle of women has completely changed. Night shifts, doing vigorous work in Menses, eating fast food, more mental strain, sedentary lifestyle, improper hygiene, negligence towards health due to over ambitions, etc. directly or indirectly affect your health. When women are going through menses her endometrium layer of uterus completely shades off and bleeding occurs. We will take an example, you are having wound on your leg and its bleeding profusely, will you go to play football or basketball or do some gymnastics, etc. The obvious answer is ‘NO’. On TV many sanitary napkin ads hammer ourselves that one should play games or do strenuous work during menses which is totally foolish. one should take rest and strictly avoid vigorous work during menstruation.

PCOD means there is the formation of cysts on the ovaries which leads to irregular menses, dysmenorrhoea, Infertility, hormonal imbalances, acne, facial hair growth, sudden weight gain, etc. Hormonal treatment is not the only solution for PCOD. 14-30 years of age group is most commonly affected by PCOD. It not only affects the body but also the mind.

Case Management

Ayurved says that all diseases are caused due to weak Agni that is due to weak digestive power so avoid consumption of non- veg food and leafy vegetables as they require more amount of digestive power to digest. Eat fresh healthy hygienic food, avoid fast food, alcohol. One should strictly follow the eat, sleep and toilet schedule of body. Do regular exercise for at least 20 mins. Perform meditation to control your mind. These minute changes in our day to day life will surely help us to overcome these threatening lifestyle disorders. Along with it, you can take Shirodhara treatment of Ayurved to balance the hormones. Ayurvedic medications will surely help you to reduce these lifestyle disorders from your life as Ayurved is the complete science of life.

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