Dawn Potter-balusik
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15 years exp

Total years in practice: 15

Publish Date
November 06, 2019
Medical Condition
Cancer Care, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Medical History

On Sept 24, 2007, a patient was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma, a form of skin

cancer where the cancer cells start to develop on other organs as well. What made

it worse was the fact that the person was in the fourth stage of cancer. The doctors

told that the person that only 8 months of life was left — this was the breaking point.

However, my patient continued with the treatment with the oncologist, and without

losing hope, attended the chemotherapy sessions. She also started taking

acupuncture sessions to explore if the traditional method of treatment could work

wonders for her. After a year of therapy, my patient discovered that the miracle has

happened. The CT scan and MRI scans showed that the tumors cells are

significantly shrinking.

However, chemotherapy had side effects and managing weight and maintaining

appetite came as a challenge. My patient was also tired throughout as a result of the

harsh medications and was sinking fast. Something needed to be done.

Case Management

It was March 2008 that my patient walked into my chamber with low-level of energy,

shrinking physique, and low appetite. I initiated the treatment, and within days, the

person's appetite was back! The person was able to eat more and had better level of

energy. As the procedure continued, health gain became rapid. The low level of

energy was gone, and my patient started gaining weight. Today the person is fit and

enjoying good health.

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