Ongoing Success Treatment on Cure of Autism with Homeopathy

Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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February 15, 2019
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Medical Condition:

Autism Spectrum Disorders



Type of Outcome:

Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good

Medical History:

Chief Complaint: Complete speech delay, no babbling, or any words, Sleeplessness, Signs of autism(walking on toes, flapping hands)


Mother told me she has never made any sounds at all, never babbled, never even tried to make a sound. Complete arrested speech.


Her appetite was great, but she had to be fed as she would not touch any food at all. Very good thirst, mom says she loves water, both drinking and playing with it by spilling on the floor and playing, along with bath time


Will not go to sleep until 2am, and tends to sleep all day, wakes every 2-3 hours every night screaming for mom and needing to be held, the mom said "she gets up immediately as if she was not even sleeping"


Tends to want less clothes during sleep, temps normal otherwise, will sweat slight from the head during sleep(5 out of 10) if dressed with too many clothes.


Recently noticed she like little corners, will sit by herself and smile from there, or under the table.

  • Desperately wants to suck objects and put in her mouth,

Mother said " she sticks her tongue out the side of the mouth, the right side, and she does it the entire day"

  • Is not friendly or warm to strangers, looks at them with suspiciously, will cry if they come close(bar-c)

  • Looks at dr with suspiciousness, was screaming when dr came near her

  • Does not like dr offices at all after I asked,

  • If in an enclosed space with a stranger and get suspicious about them

  • Acts like she does not feel any pain at all, will get up after falling like nothing happened at all, the mother said "almost like she does not feel pain"

  • Very hyper at night, she is the best for her, the later in the night is the best for her mood

  • During the day is moody, and just wants to sleep++

Mother said "she will sit down for hours and just tear pieces of paper"


  • Lots of medication was given, heavy duty morphine, antibiotics, IVF hormones

  • So much saliva the entire pregnancy had to carry a bottle to spit in every couple mins, entire 9 months like this.

  • She would salivate very bad during sleep she said


  • Father was treated for TB

Case Management:

Cure of Autism in Homeopathy

After going through the entire case, I thought of multiple remedy pictures shine through my mind.

    • Stramonium-the tearing of paper, nightmares, fear of dark
    • Tuberculinum-fathers TB history
    • Mercurius Sol-based off mothers symptoms during pregnancy and possible vaccine damage
  • Baryta Carb- based off the shyness, hiding under the table and fear and suspicion of dr and strangers.

  • Opium 30, split dose water method for 1 week(so far)

Opium had a couple indicators, tongue hanging out of the right side of the mouth all day, only 4 remedies under that rubric, opium by Phatak. This was my keynote. Then I noted the morphine use during pregnancy and during nursing, and being awake all night, along with the not feeling pain when she would fall.


This is not cured case, and very premature as it has only been 1.5 weeks, but the changes can not be believed by the family at all as they have been remarkable.



  • She is babbling a lot, dadada, mamama, no words yet, she is really trying her best to say something++

  • House is noisy because of this

  • She slept well most nights, has been sleeping really well,

  • She has really changed though, from 5 times to 2 times per night waking up

  • The tip toeing has been a little bit more lately

  • She is starting to play with toys she never played with, would never hold things with two hands like basketball

  • She is holding ball with two hands

  • She is opening and closing hands, more than before, not very much before

  • She is not leaving the tongue out as much now which better

  • Seeing a completely different child, happy, is using new sounds in her words and babbling

I wanted to post this as I have learned from some great classical homeopathic doctors on the importance of the small, seeming non important symptoms, that the patient usually says in passing, but becomes the key of the case. This was the hanging of the tongue out the right side of the mouth. We will see how this case progresses from here as it is very early, but it looks promising. I wanted to publicly thank Dr Devendra Pal Singh for his guidance. I hope this helps others.

Homeopathy for Autism Treatment

Autism is a severe and unadorned disorder among children. The term refers to a wide range of challenging conditions including the speech and nonverbal communication, repetitive behavioral problems and challenges in social skills. Environmental and genetic factors influence autism and the patients need significant support to deal with and get cured of the spectrum disorder.2

The studies conducted by various institutions have established the effectiveness of homeopathy in managing autism. The homeopathy treatment for autism is useful for neuropsychological dysfunction in the disorder.

Cure of Autism in Homeopathy:

There are several areas of improvement while treating autism disorder. The disorder is generally characterized by some pervasive as well as severe impairments. The prevention National Public health institute, of the USA and the Centers for Disease Control have found that at least 1 in 88 children has autism disorder across the world. 1

Several studies have identified clinical experiences from various treatments of homeopathy in the improvement of behavioral and developmental problems. The studies hacek also shown that the longer there is the interference of homeopathic treatment the more remarkable growth was experienced.  

Cure of autism in homeopathy entirely depends upon the symptoms of the patients. The diagnosis of the sign involves psychiatrists, psychologists and neurologists together. The phase or the level of severity is established while comparing with the social maturity scale. 3 The patients are given with homeopathic medicines and the response of those medicines are measured by the visible changes in cognitive awareness, social skills and communication skills.

Data analysis is also done for a few months during the treatment process while collecting data in the beginning and at the end of specific treatment. Research studies done have proved Homeopathy to be effective therapy for cure of Autism as is illustrated in this case as well.


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