David Lee
166 North Moorpark Road, #201. Thousand Oaks, California 91360
20 years exp

Total years in practice: 20

Publish Date
February 28, 2020
53 Years, Female, White
Medical Condition
Autoimmune Disease, Inflammation
Acupuncture,Herbal Therapy
Case Management

Complaints: CAT scan showed beginning of COPD in lungs. After much testing, she was recommended with 3 types of antibiotics taken for 6 months. Profuse yellow-dark phlegm. Her constant coughing was so severe that she hardly slept through the night even with asthma and saline inhaler. She had to sleep with upper body elevated. Severe and incessant coughing for 6 months, causing fracture of right lower ribs. Asthma and hay fever since childhood. Has GERD.

Acupuncture: Left-side Yin Wood-Order of LR1, HT8, SP3, LU8, and KD10 with Fire points LU10, KD2, LR2, and SP2 for a Greater Yin primary and Lesser Yang secondary constitution (aka Pitta-Kapha in Ayurveda, Choleric in Unani, and Taeeumin in Sasang). Sasang herbal formula Ding Chuan Tang - Xing Ren, Huang Qin, Lai Fu Zi, Sang Bai Pi, Jie Geng, Mai Men Dong, Kuan Dong Hua, Bai Guo, & Ma Huang (only 0.5 gram).  She was advised to eliminate most lettuce and cabbage, which she was consuming much of and are contraindicated for her body type.

Treatment process: The patient had a total of 4-month treatment so far. She had 15 acupuncture treatments. Each session immediately and additionally relieved coughing and rib pain. With addition of herbs from the 8th visit, her production of phlegm significantly lessened. By the 15th visit, her breathing and phlegm production were almost normal. There was hardly cough and shortness of breath even with exertion.

Discussion: This patient was distressed in finding out her lungs were slowly failing. And no decent sleep for months, her mind was not functioning properly. After finding out that there was no viable solution for MAC, she turned for Asian medicine, which helped her recover safely and effectively.

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