Chinese Herbal Medicine for Migraines

Kye Peven
Kye Peven
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June 14, 2019
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Type of Outcome:

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Medical History:

A 29 year old woman came to me with a chief complaint of chronic migraine headaches. She can’t remember when they first started but has been having them regularly since childhood. They are triggered by stress, lack of sleep, caffeine, crying, and after strong emotions. The pain is sharp around and behind her eyes, with throbbing and pressure, along with photophobia and noise sensitivity. She becomes upset, irritable, and apathetic.

She also complains of abdominal pain in the epigastric and periumbilical areas with nausea, bloating and gas, recent facial acne, chronic allergies, anxiety, and anger.

Case Management:

Migraines, anger, and GI issues point towards an herbal formula called Da Chaihu Tang (Great Bupleurum Decoction). This formula helps to move qi that has become congested in the Shaoyang and is very effective for these types of headaches. I also prescribed an individualized homeopathic remedy based on both her mood and emotional state, as well as incorporating her physical symptoms. Within one week her migraines had completely disappeared, though she continued to have some milder, significantly less debilitating, head pain. After the first week I prescribed a new herbal formula called Wen Jing Tang (Warm the Channels Decoction) which, along with the continued action of the homeopathic remedy, has helped her feel more content, stable, and clear-minded.

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