Migraine Relief for 40-year-old from Ayurveda Treatment Therapy

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May 03, 2018
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Medical Condition:




Type of Outcome:

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Medical History:

40-year-old female had been diagnosed with migraine at the age of 34 and would experience excruciating pain in her head. She had to shut all doors and windows and switch off all lights during attacks and take painkillers to get some relief. She would have these attaches every 15 days and the pain was so unbearable that she would cry.

Case Management:

She consulted with me in at AMRI hospital in Kolkata. We prescribed her the Ayurveda Treatment Therapy medicines and advised her to modify her diet. After about four months of medication, she was free from migraine attacks.

She was prescribed combination of following medicines developed by lot of research studies and randomized clinical trials listed here

Combination of five Ayurvedic formulations:
Narikel Lavan (NL)
Sootshekhar Rasa (SR) 
Sitopaladi Churna (SC)
Rason Vati (RV) 
Godanti Mishran (GM)

Narikela Lavan
Narikel shell - Cocus nucifera
Saindhava lavana - Rock salt
Shell I staken out from a ripe coconut and a hole is made at the top from which rock salt is out until the water in the coconut rises. After that a clay cloth is layered around the coconut and put in the furnace that contains cowdung. After it is cooled, the coconut is powdered.

In patient’s own words:
Migraine used to be my worst nightmare. I had very severe pain and had to I used to take many painkillers but they did not help. I have completely got rid of migraine. Vaidya Shikha came as an Angel to my life. I am and will always be very grateful to her. Thank you Vaidya Shikha for being my doctor!