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July 19, 2018
60 Years, Female, White
Medical Condition
Medical History

Female patient referred for elevated IOP, "pre-glaucoma" suspect.

Case Management

MA48 is best for glaucoma - here is a TC Rx that should help: GB-1 (local), GB- 20 (move Qi to the eyes), GB-30 (move Qi in GB), GB-37 (special eye point), GB-43 (tonification), UB-2 (local), 

St-2 (local), St-36 (horray), Lv-8 (move blood), Ki-7 (tonify yang qi)

Extra Glaucoma points:

Extra Glaucoma #1 – 1 cun superior to SJ-23; and one finger-width lateral. In the tender spot, needle posterior until a strong “de-Qi” sensation is obtained.

Extra Glaucoma #2 – ½ cun anterior to St-5; needle superior in tender area as to obtain a strong “de-Qi” sensation. Also, German Ear: Liver, kidney, and Eye.

We did 2 tx /week for 8 weeks and did the basic TCM point protocol that included Glaucoma extra points #1 and #2 - anyhow, we just kept hitting it the same for that time period and lo and behold, she had a significant drop back into the normal range:

IOP 3/6/2018: R 22, L 26

IOP 5/25/2018: R 18, L 20

Of course her ophthalmologist was impressed and intrigued

Type of Acupuncture: Micro Acupuncture 48 

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