Low back pain, hot flashes, and insomnia

David Lee
David Lee
Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good
California, United States
 20 years exp 
October 25, 2018
46 YearsFemaleHispanic or Latino

Medical Condition:

Insomnia, Lower Back Pain, Menopause



Type of Outcome:

Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good

Medical History:


Case Management:

Complaints: This patient began acupuncture 4 years ago for a 4-month low back pain with right sciatica. MRI, CT and ultrasound did not show any problem. Hot flashes and insomnia related to perimenopause began 2 years after the initial acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture: Right side yin horary points in Wood-Order of LR1, HT8, SP3, LU8, and KD10 with wood points SP1 and LU11 because her constitution is a Lesser Yang and Greater Yang combination (aka Soyangin in Sasang, Vatta in Ayurveda, Sanguine in Unani, and LangGang in Tetrasoma).

Treatment process: The patient had 52 acupuncture treatments so far with most symptoms gone. Although there was fluctuation in symptoms, especially at the beginning, the relief of all the problems were less in frequency, less in duration, and shorter in duration overtime.

Discussion: As on a bell curve, some patients do not have fast relief. Others have a leap and bound of an improvement. At times, patience and persistence is required for an accumulated and eventual lasting relief.

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