Knee and Hip Pain Relief from Acupuncture Treatment

Amir Mekaiten
Amir Mekaiten
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September 24, 2018
42 YearsFemaleWhite

Medical Condition:

Knee Pain



Type of Outcome:

Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good

Medical History:


42 year old female came to our clinic with knee pain and hip joint pain on the left side.

The knee was swollen right under the patella with the pain in general all around the knee.

Hip joint pain was more on the liver and stomach channels.

Case Management:


Treatment: 11.12 sick side - to treat the knee pain

Li11, Li10, Lu5, Li12, Extra point between Li11 and Lu5. all of them were needled on the healthy side, they were all tender as well.

6 shoulders were used on the healthy side. they are 2 Dao Ma sets, 44-04 and 44-05 that together combine a strong combination for many different disorders. Since the image they sit on and the channels, they will have a general strong effect. they can treat shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, gynecological disorders, neuropathic disorders, disorders related to the eyes, head, trigeminal neuralgia, tooth pain and more.

They were picked here to treat both shoulder and the knee.

Final part was to prick blood, around 30-40 times on the swollen part of the knee, and than to put a cup on it, to help the blood drain more. after the cup was filled nicely, i removed it.

Beside acupuncture, in the end of the treatment I placed Kinesio tape on the knee to help support the movement, help lymphatic drainage and reduce the tension.

The patient who had been under so much pain called  to update that she literally feels no pain in the knee or hip. Acupuncture is amazing!

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