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Publish Date
November 06, 2019
Medical Condition
Medical History

A patient of fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis was dealing with acute pain for several

years. The person had tried all the conventional methods of treatments. The patient

had consulted several physicians who treated both conditions with pain killers and

operations — nothing else was done for years. 

The pain increased; it becomes more severe to the point that it crossed the person’s

toleration level. With time symptoms of fatigue, fluid retention, and digestive issues

started cropping up. It was a point when this person had to do something. The pain

and other things were exhausting, both physically and emotionally. That is when the

idea of acupuncture played in mind.

Case Management

When the patient came in acute pain, I could see the mark of hopelessness in the

face. However, the patient was able to gain some trust after the very first session as

relief touched the soul. The person was unable to walk or exercise, which is an

integral part of the treatment. The person felt older and was perennially exhausted. 

The first thing I did was to take care of digestive issues and water retention. Once

that was under check, I focussed on the pain. As the days went by, I am seeing

progress in my patient. Walking and exercising is being a part of this person's daily


I did many dietary changes and started administering Chinese herbs. However, I did

not latch to the same treatment throughout. As my patient showed progression, I

kept altering the herbs to suit the need. 

There was a calm and peace that my patient seemed to have gotten back. The

person was not able to come down as frequently as needed. But it was reported that

the benefits of the treatment lasted longer. My patient is recovering from pain now

and is a firm believer in the benefits of acupuncture.

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