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Publish Date
June 21, 2019
45 Years, Female, White
Medical Condition
Acupuncture,Traditional Chinese Medicine
Medical History

Sarah a 45 year old female was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 5 years ago in 2014. She suspected that it was triggered by a very invasive and traumatizing surgery when she had a large kidney stone removed. She would get chronic Kidney Stones usually one every several months. In addition, she had Celiac Disease, which is an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks any gluten that you consume as a foreign invader and damaging the small intestine in the process.

In Client’s words:

I was looking into acupuncture because I was at my wits end.Is Acupuncture good for Fibromyalgia was the question I had researched and decided to try it out! I felt like I had tried everything but my fibromyalgia was so out of control I couldn’t get out of bed most days. I found Dr. Quan on Google and saw her reviews and I was happy to see she worked with patients with chronic pain. So I contacted her and scheduled my first appointment.

Case Management

Some of the questions Sarah asked me: Have you treated other patients with success with Fibromyalgia?  I have treated many patients with Fibromyalgia with success and the fact that I had success outcomes put Sarah at ease. I started with our consultation followed by Acupuncture sessions. After her first acupuncture session, she reported her pain level from 7/10 to 3/10, a sharp drop from her condition. Her body responded very good after first Acupuncture sessions and she needed more sessions to help her with full recovery with her symptoms.

After one and a half month into Acupuncture sessions, she reported that she felt better than she had in years. I decided to branch out into other treatments as well to help support her kidneys such as Ionic Foot Bath. She got relief for her urinary tract infection from ionic bath. She was able to wean herself off from prescribed antibiotics that she had to take every couple of months! That itself was a huge achievement. In addition to Acupuncture sessions, I prescribed few supplements such as CBD oil blend and other Chinese herbs.

In Patient’s Own Words:

Getting acupuncture with Dr. Quan has transformed my life. I feel hopeful for once about maybe one day living without constant pain. I whole heartedly recommend her she is wonderful!

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