Dr. Daya Ganesh
Nulife Polyclinic, Lodha Heaven, Dombivali (E), Maharashtra, India
21 years exp

Total years in practice: 21

Publish Date
September 27, 2019
62 Years, Female, Asian
Medical Condition
Chronic Pain, Sciatica
Medical History

62 yrs old female consulted with the history of pain and stiffness in the right lower limb.  She had a loss of sensation above the ankle. On examination, the skin was very dry with blackish discoloration and symptoms of itching. It started after she had gone through surgery for Sciatica. Her physicians told her that this condition could not be treated and she needed to bear with this pain all her life. She was unable to stand or walk for long distances. On taking a full medical history, she used to take medicines for cholesterol and hypertension. She reached out to consult with me to get treated for her pain and not cholesterol or hypertension.

Case Management

As per SBEBA guidelines, I  diagnosed this condition as Saama Vaataja and started treating her by stopping all allopathic medicines. Of course not to say much, all her symptoms subsided gradually. To my and her surprise, her cholesterol level came down to normal after 3 and a half months of treatment. I joked with her that her cholesterol level and BP became normal because of side effects of Ayurveda medicines for joint pain.

Who says that Ayurvedic medications don't have any side effects? Of course, they have !!!but the desired side effects if we choose our medicines scientifically.

This is not the single success case of effective treatment for joint pain in Ayurveda. I have observed a positive outcome in all of my patients. After joining SBEBA, I can proudly say that. I have reversed 3 chronic cases. All the patients are living medicine-free life and only on medicated water & Patya.

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