Marianne Teitelbaum
1400 Wynwood Dr, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077, USA
34 years exp

Total years in practice: 34

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November 19, 2018
40 Years, Female, White
Medical Condition
Medical History
Subclinical Hypothyroidism: I have treated almost every imaginable health condition in my 30 years of practice, but this by far is the most common problem plaguing most patients I see every day. Which is what brought me to write a book about it. These patients suffer a myriad of thyroid symptoms (weight gain, hair loss, heartbeat arrhythmias, depression, cold hands and feet, etc) but their blood work is normal so they are left untreated. And if they are being treated with prescription thyroid hormone their symptoms persist as the thyroid gland goes to sleep as it is no longer called upon to make its hormone. What is needed is a holistic approach which fixes the numerous reasons why the thyroid can't function, allowing it to perk back up.
Case Management

Ayurveda for Hypothyroidism therapy

This patient lost 20 pounds easily after she began her protocol to support her thyroid. This after years of struggling to lose even a few pounds. I will give more of my thyroid case histories as we get closer to my book's release date early next year. Part Two of this case history is Intractable Nerve Pain stemming from bulging discs pressing on the nerve. For this condition we give a) gentle Chiropractic care to get the pressure off the nerve, b) Ayurvedic formulations to strengthen the disc so it doesn't bulge onto the nerve, and then c) rare Ayurvedic herbs to take the inflammation out of the nerve. Most patients are in shock to learn about our herbs which take away their nerve pain and wish they had known about them years ago, preventing their years of struggling with pain.

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