Hot Flashes & High Appetite with Bisoma Acupuncture & Sasang Diet

David Lee
David Lee
Acupuncture,Diet Therapy
Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good
California, United States
 20 years exp 
November 12, 2019
51 YearsFemaleWhite

Medical Condition:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Menopause


Acupuncture Diet Therapy

Type of Outcome:

Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good

Case Management:

Complaints: Hot flashes several times a day and night. She also had difficulty falling asleep, especially in temperature over 66° Fahrenheit (19 Celsius). High appetite. Easily irritable. Anxiety and depression for over 20 years.  

Acupuncture: Right-side Yin horary points in Wood-Order of LR1, HT8, SP3, LU8, and KD10 with Wood points LU11 and SP1 for a Lesser Yang and Greater Yang Tetrasoma constitution (Pitta-Vata in Ayurveda, Sanguine in Unani, Soyangin in Sasang, ENFP in Myers-Briggs, and Excessive Earth-Metal and deficient Wood-Fire-Water in Tetrasoma).

Treatment process: The patient had twice a week treatment for 8 visits so far. After the first acupuncture, the patient was immediately relaxed, and she slept better.  She was also recommended to reduce warming foods such as chicken, turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger with an increase of cold foods such as cucumber, aloe, celery, and pork. Weekly, all symptoms had a linear improvement in intensity, frequency, and duration. By the 7th visit, she was comfortably sleeping in 71° Fahrenheit, emotionally less affected by stress at work, had high focus and clarity.   

Discussion: Acupuncture has no bad side-effect and is safe for hot flashes. In addition, her uncontrollable high appetite was reduced with cold foods. Being a hot type (Lesser Yang constitution), the hot foods did not provide the nutrients her body wanted.

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