Deepanshu Shukla
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
8 years exp

Total years in practice: 8

Publish Date
August 05, 2019
18 Years, Female, Asian
Medical Condition
Women's Health and Pregnancy
Medical History

March 28, 2016, · Lucknow, India

The 18-year-old female came to our clinic with a case of vaginal pain (vaginismus) with white discharge and burning feeling with swelling on both legs as well. She has been having this issue for the last 4 months and as a result, she had pimples on her face.

Detail of the Symptoms:

Pain on the vagina when she had less intake of water;

White discharge with burning on the region;

Swelling on both legs when sitting on chairs;

Pimples on the face;

Desire: Spicy food

Thirst: Thirsty

Tongue: Indented

Perspiration: Offensive

Mental Condition:

Anger: Contradiction from

Anxiety: Trifles about

Company: Aversion

Dancing desire

Refuse to eat when angry

Fear: Darkness


Reading desire


Case Management

I selected Sepia as a homeopathy treatment for her white discharge. Her Homeopathy prescription worked for all the symptoms I explained earlier. After 20 days, all of her symptoms subsided and she has been healed with the help of homeopathy. She has no more white discharge or burning feeling from her vagina as she has described earlier when she came to our clinic.

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