Masood Alam
Bihar, India
47 years exp

Total years in practice: 47

Publish Date
September 26, 2019
Medical Condition
Medical History

I am here citing a case of most complicated case of a man who was suffering for ten years chronic spondylitis, sciatica, hard constipation no motion for three to four days insomnia can't sleep without sleeping pills having ringworm, hypertension ECG report st segment depressed TG tingling in Left hand. He was under treatment of allopathy for ten years but instead of improvement event became worse day by day. I took his genetic constitutional Similimum. 


Noted the following rubrics

Physical makeup: bealthy, dark completion.

Disposition: violent anger

Appetite: N

Stool: Hard constipation

Likes: salt +++, green chillies ++ !

Sleeps with a hand over the forehead (body language)



Headaches: sun

H/o. Ringworm

Case Management

I gave Nat.mur 10M/1dose only with placebo for a month.


Follow up: 

After seventeen days he appeared with her I SX skin to be treated Allergy of 5years standing that very day j prepare his video and knew about his fast improvement. Dear reader replies the so fast action of homeopathy

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