Chinese Herbal Medicine for Vertigo and Cough

Kye Peven
Kye Peven, Acupuncture
Herbal Therapy
Seattle, Washington, United States
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April 04, 2018
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Medical Condition:

Cough, Vertigo


Herbal Therapy

Medical History:

The patient came to me in June of 2017 complaining of vertigo. For several years she had experienced brief episodes of mild nausea and vertigo, often on waking, that would resolve after eating some food. At this time she had been suffering from more severe vertigo for about one month, which was not accompanied by nausea. The vertigo was qualitatively different: the original vertigo was described more as a spinning sensation, whereas this vertigo presented as a lack of coordination and unsteadiness. Indeed, when I watched her walk she appeared unsteady on her feet, listing slightly and looking as if she might fall over. She also had a chronic cough that had been present for several months. The cough sounded as if it was coming from deep in her chest, and though there was a wet quality she rarely produced any sputum.

Case Management:

This type of vertigo is considered in Chinese Medicine to be due to an imbalance in fluid metabolism. Specifically, fluid issues due to kidney yang deficiency. I prescribed an herbal formula in tincture form. She took this tincture three times per day, and with every dose it would markedly reduce her sensations of unsteadiness. If she forgot to take the herbs she would begin to feel the vertigo coming on. She required this tincture for about two months before the vertigo completely disappeared. The cough also resolved in about the same amount of time.


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