Czarinah Callejo
CMU College Park, Dologon - Busco - Quezon Road, Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines
10 years exp

Total years in practice: 10

Publish Date
May 03, 2020
48 Years, Male, Asian
Medical Condition
Arthritis, Gout, Joint Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis
Acupressure,Aromatherapy,Counseling,Exercise,Nutrition,Diet Therapy
Medical History

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Body Mass Index:  29.41 kg/m2

Weight Status: Overweight

Case Management


Identified Nutrition Problems:

1. Excessive Protein Intake

    Nutrition  Intervention

        > Total Protein Requirement =  65 grams Protein

        > Consume adequate fluid Intakes: Fluid requirement= 1950 mL/day

        > Consume only 2-3 matchbox sizes  per meal or 5-6 ounces of meat/fish per day

        > Consume more vegetables such as leafy greens, cucumber, carrots among others :1-2 cups per day

2. Excessive Saturated fatty acids and Total fatty acids Intake

    Nutrition Intervention

        > Limit saturated fats intake to less than 3 teaspoons per day

        > Consume healthier sources of fats such as avocados, avocado oil, a handful of nuts, olive oil, chia and sesame seeds, fish and fish oil among others

        > Read the label of products and watch out for trans fatty acids or hydrogenated oil, or saturated fats content. Allow only not greater than 15 grams amount of unhealthy fat.

        > Modify ways of cooking into grilling, steaming, boiling or baking in food preparations to lessen fats and oils intake.

3. Undesirable Weight Status

    Nutrition Intervention

        > Ideal Body Weight = 65 kg

        > Total Energy/Caloric Requirement = 1950 Calories

        > Food portion control of food items

4. Undesirable Food Choices

    Nutrition Intervention

        > Limit sugars and sugary foods to not greater than 15 grams per day. Limit also soft drinks and refined sugars and flours.

        > Limit consumption of processed meats to less than once a week, 1 -2 servings only

        > Consume more fiber-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables 3-6 servings per day to increase the nutrient density of food intake.

Other Recommendations    
    > To have a regular physical activity in the form of exercise, play, sports or dance as the client prefers.

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