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August 19, 2019
52 Years, Female, White
Medical Condition
Functional Medicine
Medical History

A 52 year old female had complex autoimmune arthritis for over 10 years. 

Her symptoms: 

Tingling and mild numbness in left calf into heel area. Worse in the morning and late evening but onset and severity are intermittent.

Based on the patient’s history, Rheumatologist suspected an early onset Multiple Sclerosis  or possibly other neuro degenerative condition. MRI tests ruled it out.

She was referred to a neurologist and EMG was scheduled. After one week she comes to see me. 


Case Management

After standard 5 Element Functional Medicine workup (interview on symptoms and history) plus evaluation of recent labs. The pattern is diagnosed as Metal > Water > Fire.

One supplement is given. L-Arginine 600mg at bedtime and upon arising. From first dose there has not been any numbness or tingling. Zero.

She returned about a week ago with significant fatigue, diarrhea, and blood work shows white blood cell counts at 2.0 (way below the lab threshold). Her hemoglobin and ferritin was low but not below lab range. When she consulted with Rheumatologist, he was going to make drastic changes to her meds, thinking it was part of the autoimmune pattern.

5 Element Functional Medicine diagnosis was water - wood imbalance.

I prescribed one supplement - Foodstate iron with folate & b12 - dosed 1 tablet at bedtime. 4 days later the WBC are 3.6, diarrhea stopped, fatigue resolved.

This patient is also on other stuff that has helped her reduce her symptoms tremendously and has also helped her minimize the amount of prednisone (she's down to < 5mg daily.

Do not underestimate what nature is capable of when it has the exact support it needs.

5 Element Functional Medicine - the simplified natural way to effectively diagnose serious problems so you can make a serious impact! 

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