Vaidya Sharad Kulkarni
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
6 years exp

Total years in practice: 6

Publish Date
April 24, 2020
30 Years, Male, Asian
Medical Condition
Anal Fissure
Medical History

An actor’s life is full of hectic schedules and stress. This is the story of a 30-year-old actor Chetan (name changed) who had a tough time for the past 2 years as he was diagnosed with anal fistula for which he was operated. Anal fistula or fistula

in ano is a surgically treatable condition which is usually due to a neglected big boil/abscess near the anus which bursts out and there is an abnormal track formation from that opening to the anal canal from which continuous pus discharges. This

was his second episode. He visited me and sat in front of me with a helpless face as he was not relieved despite surgery. Hoping for a positive response from me he uttered, “Doctor is it curable? I get so embarrassed in public.” He had already read about Kshar Sutra treatment for fistula in ano, which is a unique method in Ayurvedic surgery. 

He asked me 2 frequently asked questions. 

One, Is there a surgery in Ayurveda? If yes then how is it different from normal surgery.

Second, is Kshar Sutra painful? For the 1st question, I asked him a counter-question if there is something called Normal or abnormal surgery? We both laughed though it was not

98 The Blockbuster Health is a great joke. I answered that no surgery is normal or abnormal. Surgery is a surgery. Whatever we see today in the surgical field is just a medico-technological advancement of what was practiced 2000 years ago. He was partially convinced by my answer. More than the answer he was more concerned about his existing troublesome condition. 

He asked, “Sir what is Kshar Sutra and how to go ahead if we have to.” I answered “It is a medicated seton /thread which cuts the track or is a part by part surgery. Simultaneously there will be healing of the cut part of the track too.” Finally,

he asked “Is it painful? And how many days will it take for the treatment to complete.” I remembered the right words of one of my famous surgery authors Dr. Sriram Bhat that surgery is a painful procedure to relieve pain! The duration though depends on the individual and surgeon, it is around 6 plus or minus 2 weeks. He gave the consent to go ahead.

Case Management

After a series of tests and physical fitness, I began the procedure following the protocols. Within a week time, I started receiving multiple calls from him complaining about the pain, which I managed with a few herbal oil applications. Slowly there was an

improvement in the condition and after 6 weeks the track was cut with weekly thread change. It took another 2 weeks for healing of the wound, after which he felt absolute comfort.


Reference - The Blockbuster Health Vol.1 by Dr Sharad Kulkarni

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