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Publish Date
June 11, 2020
51 Years, Male, Asian
Medical Condition
Digestive Health
Counseling,Nutrition,Diet Therapy
Medical History

Case. A 51 year old male, with history of cancer of the large intestine had to undergo reverse   ileostomy. Before fighting cancer, he had a history of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for years. After his successful surgery, the only problem was that whatever he was eating was not helping him to nourish himself. He had to go to the washroom 12-14 times at night because of which he faced severe weight loss and discomfort in his daily activities.

Case Management

Dietary Advice.     A soft, bland diet which was low in fiber, residue and fat was introduced. It was advised that he should take six to eight meals, at regular intervals and chew the food properly. His   dinner was recommended to be had at an earlier time. The fluid intake was increased to minimize the risk of dehydration and loss of salts due to diarrhea. He was put on a diet of refined cereals, finely mashed low fiber foods like potatoes, bananas, papaya and egg whites. Finely minced chicken and fish were introduced after two months. Curd, whole cereals, raw vegetables, fried food, nuts and whole pulses were restricted.

Result.       After providing the customized diet plan, in a span of eight months, the patient recovered his appetite and his weight increased to healthy proportions and started practicing required physical exercises like yoga and walks. His discomfort at night has reduced and he can sleep more peacefully at night now.

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