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Publish Date
July 22, 2017
65 Years, Female, White
Medical Condition
Interstitial Cystitis
Medical History

The Patient experienced chronic cystitis with frequent urination and burning pain during urination. She is a successful business woman who travels a lot. Due to a hectic lifestyle and not being able to uphold a regular eating schedule, she feels exhausted and worn out. She had countless blood and urine tests and orthodox medical treatments, yet without any lasting results. Prescribed medications were like Flagyl and Cipro.

Case Management

Patient experienced chronic urinary cystitis. Her digestive system also was severely compromised due to E-coli infection affecting her cystitis. She also suffered from high blood pressure with audible palpitations. Patient displayed copious brown vaginal discharge and right-sided sharp knee pain. She had a full hysterectomy in the past. 

Management & Outcome

The treatment protocol entails Homeopathy & Natural Supplements

Type of Outcome*

Recovery in time

Time of therapy

From 6-12 months

Therapeutic Substance

First Initial Consultation – 10/03/2016

Homeopathic Remedies

Cantharis 200, one tablet every 2-3 hours, total 3 tablets

Cantharis 30, one tablet, daily, total = 2 weeks

Natural Supplements (Systemic Formulas)

After Breakfast

1 Gold (Goldenseal)

1 # 3 / Bactrex (anti-bacterial)

1 K ( Kidney)

1 Water Sedate (Chinese Herbal Product for the Water Element)


1 HCV (Cardiovascular Natural Herbal Product)

1 Wood Sedate (Chinese Herbal Product to Harmonize the Blood flow)

Cystitis attacks greatly reduced with less urgency of urination. Heart palpitations reduced.

Second Consultation – 01/07/2017

Homeopathic Remedy

Morgan-Gaertner Bowel Nosode 30, one tablet, twice a day, total = 2 months

Thuja occidentalis 1 M, one tablet, daily, total = 3 days

Thuja occidentalis 200, one tablet, to be taken every third day, total = 9 tablets

Natural supplements repeated plus added natural supplement for E-Coli proliferation.

Blood and urine test showed no bacterial trace. Today, the patient is free of almost no Cystitis attacks. Only when she is very stressed, due to her hectic work schedule, does she feel an increase in urination, which seldom culminates in a full-blown cystitis attack. 


The image is not the patient’s image, but portrays a very similar symptomatology.

Homeopathic Medicine:

Cantharis 200

Cantharis 30

Morgan-Gaertner Bowel Nosode 30

Thuja occidentalis 1 M

Thuja occidentalis 200

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