Bruce Bentley
40 years exp

Total years in practice: 40

Publish Date
November 02, 2018
65 Years, Male, White
Medical Condition
Cancer Care
Medical History

Numbness came slowly to parts of this patient’s body before a cancer diagnosis. And while the cancer was successfully treated, the numbness remained. It began between the toes and graduated to the legs, arms and the face.

Case Management

Twelve months later, and following a few treatments, he is responding very quickly. He is especially pleased with warmed-up cups applied bilaterally to yongquan (kidney1)... opposites attract: Heat draws Coldness. He says “it frees the toes and makes the feet very warm. The numbness is gone now and the toes move much better. When the cups are on, the soles of the feet get very hot. Before treatment began my feet were cold”.

A cup to yongquan grounds the qi and draws coldness from the channel. Observe the blueness from cold drawn as a mark after the cup has been removed.

• A non-petroleum ointment needs to be applied to the rim of the cup to adhere it, because the soles of the feet frequently have irregularities and fissures and these need to be ‘filled in” to ensure it stays fixed.

• Apply cups for no longer than 10 minutes to ensure the effect does not become draining/sedating.

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