Fernando Gigliotti
2012 Victoria Ave, Burlington, ON, Canada
10 years exp

Total years in practice: 10

Publish Date
April 24, 2020
5 Years, Male, White
Medical Condition
Autism Spectrum Disorders, Constipation
Medical History

Latest Case of Constipation and Autism in 5YO boy.....

Aug 22, 2019

Main complaints were not autism but the constipation since birth. Was given laxative or enema every 3 days of his life as he will not have a bowel movement. 


  • irregular bowel movements and ga,

  • small little accidents of urine

  • when he is pushing gas out, he will urinate at the same time

  • will plug his ears at the same time

  • the restoril will cause water diarrhea, uncontrollable diarrhea

  • will get whining and crying when on restoralax would bother him

  • the whining and crying is not normal

  • will plug his ears and wants to be left alone when he is passing gas

  • now sometimes will be constipated, and will need an enema, this is when 3-4 days


  • became more frequent

  • was 1-6 times a day urination

  • He was toilet trained and came out of nowhere with small little spots of urine on pants.

  • he would hear the gas and then urine accident would happen when passing gas

  • mom said he used to be nervous to pee in public

  • when he is trying to poop, will pee when trying to push+,pee while straining

  • has always urinate a lot mom said, would put two diapers on him as a baby, would need to change them in the middle of the night

  • had it Jan -MAR, constipation got worse at that time also, got vaccination at that time and this urinating with straining came back as it was gone for a while


  • as a baby only real problem was gas,

  • would not be able to burp him, teacher noticed 1 hour after lunch will get gassy

  • when passing gas will be inconsolable

  • meltdown/tantrum with gas

  • when he was a few days old he had gas also

  • no nursing, went to formula

  • constipation was always there

  • gas is always a concern mom said

  • is a gasy kid++


  • will start getting whining, and does not want to be touched, he is usually cuddling, will be full crying, he is in pain, will be stomping feet, plugging ears, looks like pain

  • may have gas at that point


  • mom had to manually remove stool with fingers, with vaseline

  • stool used to be large and hard


  • smallest food would choke on it

  • still have to cut up food real small

  • he will chew now

Case Management

Follow-up on August’27,2019 

  • gas has gone down, no gas at all which is great

  • basically gas gone, I have not noticed it

  • has been having multiple bowel movements a day now

  • started on friday, one sat, one sunday, two yesterday++

  • stool is not mushy anymore looks very healthy healthy++

  • the urination is gone with straining also

  • he has been sleeping an hour later in the morning, he gets up fine and is good the rest of the day



RX-Alum 30, one pill dissolved in 4oz of water, 1tsp/day, 5 successions before each dose.

This was a very good case of lifelong constipation in a Autistic child, many are not this easy to solve I find as there are few indicators after extensive case taking to prescribe efficiently on. This is still only 5 days out, but changes can not be denied and the parents are extremely happy. The urination while staring for stool or during constipation where the keys to the case. I suspect the difficult swallowing may improve also but time will tell. All cases are not this easy as I do have many difficult cases that take months to find the correct medicine and many I still do fail on, but it is nice to see some clear cases once and a while that resolve so easily under homeopathy. I have omitted the rest of the case notes that were not relevant to the Chief complaint.

I hope this was helpful. I have learned a lot from a handful of great Dr here that share their cases regularly. So thank you to them.

Homeopathic Medicines:

RX-Alum 30

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