Dr. T Venugopal, BAMS MD
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18 years exp

Total years in practice: 18

Publish Date
September 20, 2020
18 Years, Female, Asian
Medical Condition
Urinary Tract Infection, Uterine Diseases, Women's Health and Pregnancy
Medical History
An young teenager complains severe dysmenorrhoa associated with continuous vomiting.Detailed case History:18 yr teenager who attained menarche at the age of 13 since then she was having severe dysmenorroea every cycle for 2 yrs.Later there was a remission for 6-7 cycle then again starts.This situation continued till a year back.But for last 1 year she was getting pain every month.Severe pain starts a day before M.C remains till end.Moreover pain associates with severe and continuous vomiting which remains 24 hrs throughout the cycle.For which she has to hospitalize and has to receive IV fluids and antispasmodics for a week each cycle. yet she wouldn't get relief from agonizing pain.Parents totally vexed in-spite of treated with other system of medicines like homeopathy including ayurveda. She consulted me 2 months back 1 week prior to coming cycle.There is no USG abnormality,No history and symptoms of pelvic inflammation and UTI,No tenderness on palpation.
Case Management

Ayurveda treatment was started.

Course of the treatment as followed: 1st Visit on 28-5-14: 1)Tab.Rutushula Samhari.To be started 2 days before M.C and continue for 5 days. 2 tab twice a day after food. 2)Tab.Gulma hara Kankayana vati. 2 tab twice a day before food with warm water. She had M.C on 2-6-14. Surprisingly she didn't had any pain and no vomiting at all.No need for hospitalization.That's the greatness of our Ayurveda.No more years of agony,no suffering. Even though I advised her to continue medicines further consequent M.C.She visited to day with great delighted glowing face along with relaxed parents who are having same tinges of glow on faces

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