David Lee
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20 years exp

Total years in practice: 20

Publish Date
July 20, 2020
58 Years, Female, White
Medical Condition
Abdominal Pain, Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer: Recovery
Case Management

Chief complaint: Anxiety. Cancer Pain and Weakness.

Complaints: Large ovarian cancer 12.5 x 8.0 x 9.3 cm in the pelvis, causing fluid leakage into abdominal cavity. Took out 5,000 cc (5,000 liters, 1.3 gallons) of fluid from pelvis and again 2 weeks later of 5,200 cc.

Acupuncture: Right-side Yin Horary points in Wood-Order of LR1, HT8, SP3, LU8, and KD10 with central element Wood points SP1 and LU11 as a constitution of Lesser Yang and Greater Yang combination (aka Pitta-Vata in Ayurveda and Warm-Damp Sanguine in Unani) She had 25 acupuncture treatments in 6 months. Twice a week treatment at first and then the frequency eventually tapered down to every few weeks.   

Treatment process: The first 7 treatments had significantly reduced anxiety, pain, and water retention. After 2nd treatment, only 1,000 cc was taken out. After 5th treatment, 4,200 cc was taken out.  From the 8th visit, she had 6 sessions of chemotherapy at every 2 weeks. Acupuncture was again helpful by reducing many side effects of pain, nausea, fatigue, and neuropathy. After finishing chemotherapy, which had shrunk the tumor, she had surgical removal of the mass. Again, acupuncture reduced post-surgical pain and inflammation and promoted quicker recovery. Acupuncture helped clarity of the mind, walk further, lessen shortness of breath, lessen fatigue, and lessen abdominal pain, which were especially noticeable immediately after acupuncture. The patient came back 7 months later and reported stability of the improvement. She reported the cancer antigen marker CA-125 was measured at 2002 in June 2019. May 2020 test was a low 9, which was well within normal range of 0-35 kU/L. This time, the same acupuncture points were again helpful in furthering improvement.

Discussion: Acupuncture is powerful in reducing chemotherapy side effects, promote healing from surgery, and increasing mental sense of well-being.  

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