Vaidya Jalinder Dhamale
San Ramon, California, USA
1 years exp

Total years in practice: 1

Publish Date
April 21, 2020
18 Years, Male, Asian
Medical Condition
Allergies, Bronchial Asthma, Eczema
Ayurveda,Meditation,Nutrition,Yoga,Diet Therapy
Medical History

There was also the identification of dyslexia, focus problems, #speech, working memory,  and learning differences. He also had an anxiety diagnosis as his family tried to work through these health problems, the flashbacks of ER visits and he felt inadequate in college and his life-threatening allergies made him feel fearful and isolated. He had been seeing a private therapist. The kid had herpes simplex, a cold sore virus near the eye. The child was born with a type of eczema, and the pediatrician could not tell if they were birthmarks or a red, inflamed rash that he had been covered. At age six months, he had been diagnosed with #anaphylactic. He had an idiopathic anaphylactic shock, so we were constantly hyper-alert. The child had severe asthma and had been on daily steroids and antihistamines that made him restless. Every new food was analyzed for five days. Anaphylactic allergies to dairy such as wheat and soy, tree nuts (except coconut), garbanzo beans eggs, peanuts - a multitude of environmental allergies and four anaphylactic shocks and a couple of asthma episodes later, The kid was taken to the emergency room many times. 

Case Management

Ayurvedic treatment for a child with autoimmune conditions with allergies and asthma, the path to take is to enhance his immunity gradually and steadily. Prakriti/Vikrati (Body Constitution and Imbalance): He'd random aches and pains, cramping stomach pain, and the remainder is known. The kid is Vata Prakriti and Vata Vikrati. The entire lifestyle and dietary change had to be done, warm, unctuous, nourishing foods, far more water, and a normal routine. The focus on the rasas (tastes) and what to minimize. The Dinacharya and Ritucharya, the recommended daily and seasonal routines.Herbal Support: For Herbal aid in gradually increasing doses (due to his allergies), Indukantham and Saraswath Aristham both legendary herbal mixtures with amazing efficacy in all of his frustrations allergies to gut cramps to address to concentrate to stress to dyslexia. No Ghritam due to Allergies. Brahmi was added following a year. There was Mahasudarshan during any herpes simplex outbreaks for a week (and we've avoided Ativar with this ) and the local use of coconut oil with garlic. When he's cramping pain, there's Dhanwantaram Gulika (on rare occasions when he's uncomfortable. There is yoga too, he is sitting in Vajrasana when that happens). Ayurvedic treatment is holistic and complementary medicine with holistic and mainstream Doctors frequently as the need for medication reduces, and his health improves. Nothing happens overnight - it is slow and steady. And while Ayurvedic management would change for each individual, we're addressing the source of his issues. Regular follow-ups every three months were advised. It is a journey, a journey of recovery. Meditation teachers do this and love it because that's our philosophy. The kid was off his everyday asthma medicine and uses it only sporadically during much between episodes, his allergy panel began advancing so much that the allergist suggested challenges for cashew, eggs, and some other nuts. Cashew and eggs were anaphylactic allergies. The child's speech and reading improved. He was not as stressed anymore, he was articulate and funny and creative and blossoming. He was himself than he's ever been, living to our best potential is among those goals in Ayurveda. For a child with autoimmune conditions like allergies and asthma, the path to take is to enhance his immunity gradually and steadily.

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