Marianne Teitelbaum
1400 Wynwood Dr, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077, USA
34 years exp

Total years in practice: 34

Publish Date
November 19, 2018
38 Years, Female, White
Medical Condition
Chronic Kidney Disease, Lupus
Medical History
Lupus and Stage 5 Kidney Disease She was so sick when she presented to our office 8 months ago. Her kidneys had failed to the point where they were prepping her for dialysis to keep her alive until she could receive a kidney transplant.
Case Management
We had to approach this case in stages as there were numerous issues to address. First we had to chelate out the excess mercury (from repeated flu shots) which had accumulated in her kidneys, damaging them, and in the bone marrow triggering the autoimmune reaction. Next we had to fix the 3 parts of the immune system: the gut, liver and bone marrow, using our rare liver herbs and Guduchi sattwa to clean the bone marrow. We had to change her diet to a healthier one. Then we taught her our highly effective Ayurvedic cleanses. We gave her silica which is burnt 1,000 times (which takes 4 years) into what is called a nano-particle, or a particle so small it becomes a vehicle which can reach the DNA. We gave it to her with an herb called punarnava which heals the kidneys. Thus the nano-particle is able to deliver the kidney herb deep into the kidneys to allow them to heal. I am pleased to announce her bloodwork is normal now with no signs of Lupus. Her kidneys are working perfectly fine now. She has been taken off the transplant list, and is being weaned off the prednisone which was only masking her symptoms. She and her husband are ecstatic as she now has an opportunity to live a normal life with radiant health. Her doctors are in a state of shock but I think they will be fine.
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