Case of Diabetes with Concurrent Neuropathy and Success with Ayurveda Therapy

Marianne Teitelbaum
New Jersey, United States
 34 years exp 
November 21, 2018
65 YearsMaleWhite

Medical Condition:

Diabetes: Type II, Neuropathy



Medical History:

Diabetes with Concurrent Neuropathy. This patient presented to our office just two months ago. With diabetes we must always consider the liver, since it plays a huge role in keeping the blood sugar stable.

Case Management:

We placed him on Ayurvedic herbs to clean the liver, changed his diet and taught him how to eat bitter melon to lower his blood sugar and heal his pancreas. Next we gave him herbs to heal his neuropathy. In just two months his blood sugar came down to normal, he was able to go off his diabetes medicine and his neuropathy went away! I got tears in my eyes as he relayed to me how happy he was that he could chase his grandson over a pebbled walk without any foot pain for the first time in years.

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