Case of 53 year old male with kidney failure healing from Acupuncture

Amir Mekaiten
Amir Mekaiten
Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good
 15 years exp 
September 25, 2018
53 YearsMaleWhite

Medical Condition:

Chronic Kidney Disease



Type of Outcome:

Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good

Medical History:


HISTORY: 53yo male, chief complaint - Kidney failure.

has HIV for atleast 15 years, in general he has no idea for how long he has it. takes ofcourse his daily cocktails. occiputal headaches. thin nails that break easily. yellow urine with smell, sleep - wakes up 1 time in the night to pee. oily skin, excessive sweat from all over the body.

Pulse - deep and slippery. Tongue - wide, yellow coating, pale, red tip.

stated treatments 3 months ago to prevent further dysfunction of the kidneys, and to bring them back to the normal criteria in the blood test results.

came at the 1st month 3 times a week, after that 2 times a week for the 2nd month. on the 3rd month 1 time a week.

Case Management:

Case:  Main points for the treatment were (not all on the same treatment) 3 upper yellows, lower 3 emperors , 3 penetrating kidneys, Ling Ku, Da Bai, Wan Shu Dao Ma, Liv2-Liv3 (Master Dong)

Today the results of his blood tests arrived, kidney functions back to normal . everything else is normal.

For the record , he didn't want to take any herbs, so i didn't give him any, he didn't take any other food substances or any medication that was not his regular daily cocktails. the only thing was the acupuncture sessions we did.

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