David Lee
California, United States
20 years exp

Total years in practice: 20

Publish Date
July 20, 2020
34 Years, Female, Hispanic or Latino
Medical Condition
Brain Health, Motor Neuron Disease
Case Management

Complaints: 8 days of left side Bell’s Palsy without a sign of improvement. Taking Acyclovir. Difficult to close left eye, smile, speak, and chew.

Acupuncture: Left-side Yang horary points in Metal-Order of LI1, UB66, GB41, SI5, and ST36 plus YuYao, GB13, SJ17, and DU27.

Treatment process: After the first treatment, there was a slight improvement next day with increased ability to speak and clarity of voice. The second treatment was even better, being able to close the eye lid. And he spoke even more clearly. His eye closed completely after the third visit. Following treatments were additionally helpful. He had a total of 11 treatments in 5 weeks, at which time the Bell’s Palsy was mostly gone. 

Discussion: About 85% of those affected with Bell’s Palsy will recover within three weeks. 15% rate of slow or no recovery is high enough to warrant acupuncture at the initial incidence. Frequency of acupuncture should be at least twice a week. 

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