Back pain relief from acupuncture

Nazir Sheriff
Nazir Sheriff
Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good
Tamil Nadu, India
 16 years exp 
July 30, 2018
35 YearsMaleWhite

Medical Condition:

Abdominal Bloating, Back Pain



Type of Outcome:

Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good

Medical History:

A tourist who was visiting India had back pain and was on a short stay in Chennai, India.

Case Management:

I did the initial assessment and gave him an acupuncture session and stuck two acupuncture needles(sterilized) at two different points of his body, which was connected to the points where he was experiencing pain. After ten minutes of treatment, he felt much better. The pain had reduced substantially.

The following day, I gave him another acupuncture session, after which the pain was almost gone.


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