Ayurvedic Therapy Heals a 52 Year Old Woman with Diabetes

Mahesh kumar Gupta,
28, Kardhar Complex (Roshan Ji Ki Bari) Hiran Magari, Sector...
 30 years exp 
May 25, 2020
52 YearsMaleAsian

Medical Condition:

Diabetes: Type I, Diabetes: Type II



Medical History:

A 52 year old lady suffering from severe Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension was treated successfully at our center. She reached out to our clinic when she was on insulin and taking conventional medication for Diabetes and Hypertension. 

She was overweight and not showing any signs of improvement. She was recommended to our center by someone. We examined her on 29 April 2019 as per Ayurveda principals and did Pulse diagnosis( Nadi Pariksha).

Case Management:

After a thorough examination, we suggested Ayurvedic treatment protocols. 

Results before the treatment (April 29th):

Blood Sugar: 297(Fasting), 

PP: ( 394), 

BP: 160/100, 

Weight: 101.2 kg

Results after the treatment (June 2):

Blood Sugar: 150 ( Fasting)

PP: 99 

BP: 120/90

Weight: 95.5 

She was off insulin after 15 days of Ayurvedic treatment. Her medication for Diabetes and Blood Pressure was reduced to minimum.


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