Marianne Teitelbaum
1400 Wynwood Dr, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077, USA
34 years exp

Total years in practice: 34

Publish Date
November 19, 2018
35 Years, Female, White
Medical Condition
Medical History
Multiple Food and Environmental Sensitivities: This patient, like so many we have seen through the years, was reacting to numerous foods and environmental toxins. This was creating lots of symptoms such as burning skin, tightening of the throat and many other frightening allergic reactions. And like most of the patients we see, sought out the advice of numerous physicians, such as dermatologists and allergists, including the most distinguished immunologist at the University of Pennsylvania. Modern medicine's answer is to identify any food or environmental triggers, and have her avoid the offending allergen, making it difficult for her to live in the world since almost everything made her react. Medicines such as antihistamines and steroids were given to suppress the allergic reactions. However this approach was not working as her symptoms would temporarily be alleviated only to worsen over time.
Case Management
Our approach was to fix the reason the immune system was hyper-reacting to everything so that she could once again eat the offending foods and tolerate the environmental triggers allowing her to live in the world once again without reacting. So many patients have disruption of their immune systems which usually stems from taking too many pharmaceuticals in the past, such as antibiotics, birth control pills, proton pump inhibitors, and immunizations, all of which disturb the three parts of the immune system: the friendly bacteria in the gut, the liver and the bone marrow. By fixing these three areas the immune system recalibrates and stops its incessant attacks, behaving normally again, much to the relief of these desperate and beleaguered patients.
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