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Publish Date
September 20, 2019
9 Years, Female, Asian
Medical Condition
Joint Pain
Medical History

9 year old girl with joint pain was on heavy doses of steroids and pain killer injections. Despite taking medication for severe pain, she was unable to walk. She was afraid to visit doctors as always they gave her injections. Injections had to be given as she had unbearable pain at night that did not let her sleep and she would wake up and cry.

Case Management

No Panchakarma was done and the case was managed not in the hospital The treatment expense is negligible, not in thousands and lakhs. The age of the patient was very favorable here. Another case of Autoimmune Hepatitis with cirrhosis of a girl of the same age intended for urgent liver transplant also got reversed in liver function (only scar of cirrhosis in USG now) and is staying normal without medicine and only Medicated water. This girl is not on medicine now, only Medicated water, medicated bandaging and intermittent small dosages of immune stabilization medicine. The rule of diet is relaxed now.

SBEBA is to unveil the true scientifically and potential of Ayurveda.

Sharing to expose Ayurveda as it is. Remember this is not the ultimate. This is based on a small fragment of true science what I was able to comprehend so far.

It is impossible to know the limitations of science once we start trying to explore the possibilities.

 All the drugs were withdrawn. The pain was reversed fast and CRP dropped very fast but ESR was fluctuating and it took a certain period to enable her to walk as shown in the second video now. She was responding to medicine and she was a very wise girl who does not fuss with diet instructions. Her joint swelling and bent is almost rectified with granules of Medicine and medicated water with SBEBA rule of nutrition.

Joint Pain Cure in Ayurveda

Most of the seasons are very difficult for patients who are suffering from joint pain or various types of Arthritis. Though the problem is pervasive but is equally painful and increases with cold climatic conditions. The cushioning of the bones is found to lose their elasticity and the bones start to rub with each other. This is commonly referred to as joint pain or joint problems and has joint inflammation as the cause. [3]The inflammation can be caused by more than just one joint and can be seen mostly in patients above 60-65 years of age. 

Ayurveda is the trusted and ancient form of treatment and medicines. Exercises, nutrients and meditation are used as the measures of procedures. Apart from curing the problem, Ayurveda also encourages overall good health. The natural ayurvedic treatment focus upon easing the progression of the problem. [2]

There is the intervention of herbs and supplements which are used as the ingredients of joint pain cure Ayurveda. But the patients who are going through joint pain issues and want to implement Ayurveda as the treatment must select to see the doctor if they are

  • Breastfeeding or nursing

    Are diabetic

  • Have scheduled surgery

How is the approach of joint pain cure Ayurveda?

Ayurveda can be applied alone or along with the modern treatment procedures for the patients who are suffering from joint pain problems. Ayurveda is a very convenient method and mostly prescribe glucosamine and other medication to help. There are some other herbs too which are used in the treatment of joint pain in Ayurveda including [1]

  • Turmeric

  • Boswellia

  • Ashwagandha

  • Triphala

  • Ginger 

  • Shatavari

  • Guggulu

Most of the herbs have their cooling and lubrication effect and help in balancing the body, mind and soul. 


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  3. Non-Pharmaceutical Therapy for Osteoarthritis, by Rindfleisch, J

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