Treatment for Stomach Pain with Pachana and Anulomana Ayurvedic Therapy

Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good
 10 years exp 
September 25, 2018
28 YearsFemaleAsian

Medical Condition:

Abdominal Pain, Womens Health And Pregnancy



Type of Outcome:

Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good

Medical History:



A 28 year female, married, was brought with severe pain in the lower abdomen since today morning.

To relieve pain she tied dupatta around her belly but didn't relieved the pain.

Pain was spasmodic and intermittent pain, lasting for 2-3 mins and then disappears and again reoccurs after gap of 1-2 mins.

Pain scale was 10/10, patient was tossing on the examination table.

Her menses started since last night, flow was scanty and with clots.

Pain was also present in both thighs and legs due to which she was limping while walking. Have to walk with support.

Pain in abdomen started in the morning after she ate bread with vegetable gravy.

Her husband gave the history that she had similar episodes during MC Since last 2-3 years.

Diet- guru and ruksha diet.

Exposure to AC for 6 hrs daily- shita guna.

Pulse- 94/min, regular

BP- 130/80 mm hg

Eyes- no pallor/icterus/cyanosis

Tongue- not coated

Stool- no complaints

Urine- no complaints

Appetite - poor

Per abdomen- hypogastric tenderness

Bowel sounds- present

L/S/K- not palpable,non tender

RS- clear

Provisional Diagnosis- saama vata shoola

Case Management:


Treatment- pachana and anulomana.

Pain subsided in an hour with 1/6th of kashayam tablet having paachana and anulomana action.

After 4 doses at gap of 10-10mins.

Along with medicated water and pathya.

After 3 hours patient messaged stating that pain is now at grade of 3/4.

Investigations have been advised blood- CBC,ESR,CRP, FBSL,KFT, urine routine AND MICROSCOPIC, USG abdomen and pelvis.

With SBEBA diagnosis and treatment, acute conditions can be very well managed with minimum medications.