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February 06, 2019
38 Years, Male, Asian
Medical Condition
Medical History

38 year old male from Nepal was diagnosed with pancreatitis in Dec. 2013 when he was admitted in a hospital in Lucknow  as a patient. He got his second attack in 2014 and consulted with doctors as OPD case with conventional medication.

MRI report of Jan. 2015: Chronic pancreatitis finding are suggestive pancreatic calcification with mild bulky pancreatic tail with fluid anterior to spleen. He was not getting well despite medication for over 18 months.

Case Management

Ayurveda Treatment for Pancreatitis

He sought our consultation at Atharva Ayurdhama Clinic Kangra in April’ 2015 after being diagnosed in Dec. 2013.  We admitted him to our hospital and kept him under observation for 5 days.

Symptoms: Complaint of pain,  poor appetite, weakness history of weight lose (57kgs. )

Checkup and Diagnosis: 11/4/2015

Amylase 217, lipase 357 ESR 47 Platelet 115

We started Ayurveda treatment protocol and he started responding well to treatment. We stopped all allopathic medicines including the enzyme. His pain level subsided after second day of treatment with an improved appetite.

He was discharged on 14/04/2015 with stable condition and 30 days of Ayurvedic medicines.

Followup : Improved in all symptoms

Investigations 12/07/2015: Weight 57 kgs. No weight loss reported

Amylase 67

Lipase 97


ESR 30

Till 26/08/2015: Prescribed Ayurvedic  laghu ahara demobilise diet.

Post 26/08/2015: Advised to start wheat roti and ghee in diet

He was advised for follow-up and ayurvedic medicines till 20/05/2016.

He has been cleared of all his symptoms and advised to stop all medicines with regimen of strict diet protocol with lifestyle modification. Last follow up on phone was in October 2018 .He is well and leading normal life.

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