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January 30, 2019
13 Years, Female, Asian
Medical Condition
Medical History

A 13 year old girl was suffering from severe Alopecia hair loss. Her father explained the condition that it started from the middle of head and gradually appeared on other scalp parts also. Patient had multiple bald patches on scalp as well as general hair fall problem. She denied the presence of itching and dandruff.

Prior to consultation in Jiva, she had tried different sort of external applications and oral medications but nothing responded, so she stopped all that and decided to take proper Ayurvedic treatment. As per details shared with Jiva doctor, patient had been losing density of hair at a remarkable rate.

In addition, her skin was dull and there were pimples on her face. Patient got menarche one year back but her menstruation cycle was often delayed. She had mild white discharge problem also.

Specific History (H/O Present Illness)

Patient had been suffering for six-seven months, and asked the question if Ayurveda will work for hair loss or not?

Physical/Systemic Findings

BM - Once daily, unclear, hard, straining habit, occasional mucus, Appetite - Irregular Urine -Normal Menstruation - Normal, 5-6 days/35 days Gas - Occasional Acidity - No Sleep - Normal Mind - Tensed due to hair problem Memory -Normal

H/O Past illness / Family History

Patient's mother once got same problem that was treated with Homeopathic treatment. No other specific health issues at personal and family level were shared.

Medical History

Patient had taken different sort of Allopathic and Homeopathic medicines for alopecia hair loss

problem but nothing helped in controlling the disease. The family had heard that Alopecia cure in Ayurveda could yield successful results.

Case Management

Samprapti Ghataka:

Dosha: Pitta-Vata

Dushya: Ras, rakta dhatu

Srotas: Ras, rakta, asthi

Adhishthan: Scalp/Romakupa



Unwholesome diet and routine, worms infestation, psychological imbalances, excessive consumption of curd, fast foods, chocolate, white flour products, weak digestion, hormonal imbalance, deficiency of minerals etc.

Chikitsa Sutra

·     Nidana parivarjan - Avoidance of etiological factors in diet and routine that caused disease

·     Shaman Chikitsa - Pitta-vata shaman, pachan, rakta shodhan, nasya, sroto shodhan, rasayan

·     Shodhan Chikitsa - Some effective and easy to implement methods were discussed to be done at home

·     Sattvavjay Chikitsa - Patient education, expectation management and approach of treatment was shared.



Hairloss churna


Hair loss tablet


Mukti supplement pack

Shiva rasayan

Saptamrit lauh

Anu oil

Amlapittantak rasayan

Lakshadi guggulu

Almond shampoo

Twakrog har churna


Hair lep

Bhringraj churna


Shatavari Tablets


Advice for Cure of Alopecia Areata Cure in Ayurveda:

Pathya: Advised to follow proper water consumption, eating black sesame (kaley til), pranayama, walking, apply a face mask with besan masoor dal haldi milk, apply Aloe vera pulp on face, beet-anaar juice, soaked almonds, methi+kalonji lep on scalp, apply neem leaves extract on bald patches, light and easily digestible seasonal green-leafy vegetables, multi grains, fruits, salad, milk products, etc were advised to be added to diet.

Apathya: Advised to avoid hot, spicy, oily, acidic food items, non-veg, fast foods, white flour products, tea, coffee etc. should be avoided. Doctor also advised patient to avoid unhygienic conditions.


Modifications/Changes made in prescription for Alopecia Cure in Ayurveda during course. Below changed medicines were given as per patient's feedback:


In June, 2017

In powder combination, Shiva rasayan and Bhringraj churna was replaced with Krimi ghatini and Kukkutand twak bhasma while in tablet combination, Lakshadi guggulu was changed to Punaroday vati.

In Aug, 2017

In tablet combination, Punaroday vati was changed to Krimi mudgar ras.

Outcome for Alopecia Areata Cure in Ayurveda:

Within a couple of months, patient responded well to treatment as new hair growth was seen in bald patches and digestive functions were getting better hence there was improvement in bowel, gas, appetite like issues. Hair growth was continuous but at a slow pace, simultaneously couple of new patches were also spotted. In October, she reported noticeable hair growth in all bald patches as well as generalised hair fall also was reduced. With continuation of treatment, all patches recovered very well except one that was responding less.

Based on feedback, medicines were tapered down. In February 2018, patient told that including one less responding patch now all patches were normal for her Alopecia hair loss condition with natural hair growth. She was extremely happy with the significant improvement achieved in her problem. Few months later of stopping the Ayurveda treatment, in courtesy follow up, she was enjoying overall perfect hair and health condition. Alopecia cure in Ayurveda has been documented for lot of patients with success.

Symptoms Bald Patches

April, 2017


June, 2017


Aug, 2017

A Oct, 2017

Nov, 2017

Feb, 2018


Ale, 2018 Normal



Hair fall

































Does Ayurveda works for hair loss - a discussion:


Patchy hair fall and Alopecia hair loss in Ayurveda can be correlated to Indralupta. Romakupagata vitiated pitta (bhrajaka pitta) along with vitiated vata leads to dislodgement or withering of hair from the roots. Further to this, vitiated sleshma/kapha along with rakta will cover and cause obstruction to flow of nutrients to the hair root, which prevents the growth of hair on that place

Stress, worry, anxiety, and inadequate nutrition leads to hair loss. A certain amount of hair loss is considered normal, as old strands are replaced by new. When hair loss is excessive, care must be taken. According to Ayurveda, hair is a byproduct of

bone formation and the tissue responsible for building bones is also responsible for the growth of hair. Early hair loss is related to body type and the balance of the mind-body constitution (doshas). People who have excess Pitta in their body are likely to lose their hair early in life. Excess Pitta in the sebaceous gland, at the root of the hair, can lead to hair loss.

According to the condition of disease and patient, Doctor planned personalized combinations to provide symptomatic and root-level relief and cure for Alopecia Areata in Ayurveda.


Alopecia Hair Loss churna - Pitta-vata shaman, pachan, keshya, rasayan

Shiva rasayan - Vata-kapha shaman, pachan, anuoman

Bhringraj churna - Vata-kapha shaman, rasayan, keshya

Amlapittantak rasayan - Pitta-vata shaman, pachan, sroto shodhan

Twakrog har churna - Tridosha shaman, rakta shodhan, pachan

Krimighatini churna - Vata-kapha shaman, pachan, krimighna

Kukkutandtwak bhasma - Vata-kapha shaman, rasayan, asthi poshak

Punaroday vati - Vata-kapha shaman, pachan, sroto shodhan

Saptamrit lauh - Pitta-vata shaman, rasayan, Hairloss tablet - Pitta-vata shaman, pachan, rasayan

Lakshadi guggulu - Vata-kapha shaman, sroto shodhan, rasayan, asthi poshak

Krimi mudgar ras - Vata-kapha shaman, pachan, sroto shodhan

Mukti supplement pack - Tridosha shaman, pachan, sroto shodhan

Anu oil - Vata shaman, nasya, sroto shodhan Shatavari tablets - Vata-pitta shaman, rasayan, balya


Treatment started on: April, 2017

Relief achieved on: Feb, 2018

Does Ayurveda work for hair loss is answered by the case study that illustrates success for a 13 year old girl success story.

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