Acute Emergency Case of Bleeding Treated Successfully with Homeopathy

Fernando Gigliotti
Fernando Gigliotti
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Burlington, Ontario, Canada
 10 years exp 
April 24, 2020
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Medical Condition:

Women's Health and Pregnancy



Type of Outcome:

Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good

Medical History:

On Nov 23, 2019, a  35 year female with chief complaint of Hemmoraging, cramping since miscarriage. I received a call from the patient's sister as she did very well in the clinic after seeing. naturopath for 2 years with little help. It was 9:30pm and the patient was brought to the emergency room at the hospital by ambulance in extreme pain with severe bleeding (since Nov 4).


  • was calm and quiet, was in pain but looked calm

  • was just lying there


  • lying in bed

  • heavy bleeding

  • intense cramping

  • was bleeding a lot and feeling very faint and pale from blood loss

  • especially sitting up agg, better lying

  • she is in pain, too much can not take anymore of it

  • it has been coming and going

  • is just in pain and tired,

  • suddenly came today after mid day, started bleeding a lot


  • pain is constant pain and lower from pelvic area to the back lumbar

  • both hurt but starts from front uterus slightly toward tailbone

  • it feels like tremors(only way she was able to describe it),

  • she is still, does not want to move,knees bent, mostly laying flat on back

  • does not want to lay completely flat on back, lying on back with knnes bet up amen , lying flat agg

Complete random bleeding, mostly afternoon, 12pm, later in the afternoon was more common, after 4pm would typically get worse. She is calm.


  • was 7 weeks pregnant

  • NOV 4 started miscarriage

  • would come and go, the bleeding

  • was suddenly start and stop

Case Management:


  • belladonna 200, 5 cup dilution, 1tsp every 10 minutes until better


After 2 doses pain completely stopped, and bleeding completely went away, she was discharged from the hospital an hour later after being there for 6 hours already.


After reading the clinical and proving symptoms of belladonna it fit very well. My 2nd choice I told them if no effect was noticed after 6 doses was Caulophyllum as it was the only remedy with a sensation of internal trembling in the uterus region with haemorrhaging.

It's amazing the speed and power of homeopathy in emergency and acute situations, even with the most diluted dose. This was how homeopathy was in North America 100 years ago with well over 100 homeopathic hospitals.

Homeopathic Medicines:

Belladonna 200



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