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November 06, 2019
55 Years, Female, White
Medical Condition
Medical History

Melissa J shared her life-changing story when she came in contact with Dr. Dawn

Balusik. She had struggled with foot ailments since the year 2004. But the trouble

augmented in 2010. She had severe pain in both the heels to the point that walking

became a tough job for her. She suffered from, Achilles tendon, big toe, and an

extremely swollen left ankle. She consulted a podiatrist and tried every way of

treatment, which included cortisone shots, physical therapy, braces, etc. However, to

her utter disappointment, nothing seemed to work. 

She worked a job as a waitress, but owing to the severe pain that had become a part

of her life, she had to quit. 

Finally, she took a blood test that showed she had arthritis. Melissa was even more

shocked when she came to know that she will have to be on medication for the rest

of her life. These medicines had side effects, and as a result she started losing

concentration. Her judgments were cloudy, and her appetite low. She had to go on a

short-term disability, because working with all those side-effects was proving to be

too much for her. 

She went back to work with three pills a day of Indomethacin and an anti-

inflammatory drug. She also started medications to counter the side effects. Which

was a lot of medicines to take in a single day.

Case Management

Melissa began her journey of healing with acupuncture in December 2011. By 2012

February, she was already feeling better. I also suggested undergoing some dietary

changes that I think was essential in her condition. As I eliminated one toxic food

after another, I reached the conclusion that the main problem was her consumption

of refined sugar-filled food every single day. We put her on a diet regimen.

Melissa took another blood test to check her sed rate. It showed remarkable

improvement. Her rate had gone down from 1200 to 7. 

At the beginning of July, I had Melissa discontinue the medications, slowly and

steadily. By September, she was completely off medication. She could finally walk,

roam and jog without a trace of pain.

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