Acupuncture helps heal pain after Herniated Disc surgery

Rita Shamia
Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good
England, United Kingdom
 15 years exp 
August 03, 2018
35 YearsFemaleWhite

Medical Condition:

Back Pain, Herniated Disc



Type of Outcome:

Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good

Medical History:

Patient contacted me 10 days before she was about to start a new job, after 8 months of not working due to some serious and complex health conditions. Neurological pain is particularly difficult to treat and utterly debilitating.  In Kara’s case, her pain levels were pretty much off the charts and despite heavy medication, life was a real struggle. This inevitably affected her emotional health as well.

She had a fully herniated disc (between C6 and C7) that caused paralysis of my right arm for 4 months when the disc crushed the nerve; this had to be surgically replaced with a disc implant.  6 weeks after recovering from that major spinal surgery, she developed an extremely rare form of shingles called Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which then took a turn for the worse when it spread to my spinal cord, entire central nervous system, and brain (this is typically fatal).  As her inner ear was affected by the shingles, in addition to excruciating pain she also experienced severe vertigo. In addition to this, she was offered her dream job, and was suffering from stress and anxiety about trying to start work when her body was going through so much and pain levels were so high.

Case Management:

Before her first session with us, she  was barely able to walk due to severe vertigo, and pain had crippled her.  She rarely left her bed, and was not able to work or socialise at all.  Tasks as simple as washing a dish or bathing were things that she truly struggled with every day due to her high pain levels, and she was sceptical that she would be able to help but thought 

‘What have I got to lose?’  She had been to countless specialists on the NHS as well as privately, and had been on every form of medication to try and help with nerve pain, but nothing was working. 


After her first session with us, she sat up at the end of the first session and her vertigo was gone. When cupping and tuina were combined with Acupuncture, her  pain was gone. She could  move easily. 

Since  patient has a chronic condition that needs regular management so that she can lead a fulfilling life; work, socialise, travel and have fun. So Kara comes every week, without fail, and is treated with acupuncture, TuiNa massage and cupping. Treatments significantly reduce her pain, keep her feeling balanced and support her general wellbeing. It is an investment in both time and money but she is committed to staying well. So much so that she hasn’t taken one day off work for illness.



Patient's Words: 

I cannot stress how much relief I feel from having my chronic, daily pain evaporate in just one short hour.  I have been put on every form of medication under the sun to try and help me with acute nerve pain and various medical complications, but this is the only thing that truly works. I have no idea how one session was able to do that, but I went home and genuinely cried tears of joy.