Paul Chapman
14 Elizabeth Street, Launceston Tasmania, Australia
26 years exp

Total years in practice: 26

Publish Date
July 10, 2018
31 Years, Female, White
Medical Condition
Breastfeeding, Women's Health and Pregnancy
Medical History

A 31 year old female was having issues with getting enough milk post pregnancy. She had had ultrasound to clear her swelling and inflammation which helped but it also dried up her milk supply and caused blockage in the nipple that made it hard for the young mom to relieve with self massage.

Case Management

I started with the tongue diagnosis and it amazes me as to how wonderful the two images show the physiological and psychological changes that have occurred after the baby boy birth.

The small swelling at the tip of the tongue had moved a little to the left with obvious swelling down the left flank. It showed signs of poor fluid metabolism. I decided to drain Fire with #37 Gua however Bai Hu was empty so I balanced with #62 Gua ( metal over water). I also needle DU21 and 22 to open up the space at the anterior of the body from Ren 17 to Ren 22 and directly on REN 17 aiming toward the left blocked nipple. One treatment created a small improvement on the next feed and then progressive recovery with each feed after.

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