Acupuncture helps a Female with Osteoarthritis

Dr. Szenan Phua
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New Zealand
 11 years exp 
September 06, 2018
58 YearsFemaleAsian

Medical Condition:




Type of Outcome:

Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good

Medical History:


Patient has been diagnosed Osteoarthritis in the Right hip, surgeon suggested her to get a hip replacement. She was limping and suffering pain from right lower back down to right hip joint and right leg.

Case Management:


I applied Master LiXin Chen Seven Needle technique to get rid of most of the pain, then continuing with Dr Tan Balance Method Acupuncture to increase the Blood and Qi flow on the right hip. Pain was reduced from 8 or 10 /10 down to 1/10 (now). Patient felt the pain everyday before treatment, then felt pain every second day last week after treatment, no pain this week, but only stiffness and tightness in the right groin and lower leg, no more pain in the right lower back and right hip. Patient visited me today, she reported only tightness on the right groin while walking, I used navel acupuncture LeiShui=JieGua, then she stood up and walked again, she looked at me and told me the tightness was gone. smile emoticon I keep applied Dr Tan Balance Method Acupuncture on her left shoulder and left forearm to maintain Blood and Qi flow on right groin and right lower leg.