Acupuncture helps Relieve Lower Back Pain

Dr. Szenan Phua
Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good
New Zealand
 11 years exp 
September 06, 2018
42 YearsFemaleAsian

Medical Condition:

Lower Back Pain



Type of Outcome:

Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good

Medical History:


Female came to our clinic with acute lower back pain on the left side.

Case Management:


Navel acupuncture to instant relief lower back pain. I applied bloodletting on this patient to treat her left lower back pain, she has instant pain relief, but back pain did not completely gone, I applied sancha combo on right hand as she has pain from left lower back and hip down to left leg initially. No pain in the lower back, but still a bit of pain in the left hip and numbness and tingling in the left foot. Then I continue to applied Navel acupuncture, I found the most sensitive point on KanGua and QianGua, then I needled them, all pain gone in the end of the treatment and patient felt warming sensation in the lower back, that means great blood circulation on lower back.