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Colares, Lisbon, Portugal
10 years exp

Total years in practice: 10

Publish Date
October 12, 2018
79 Years, Male, White
Medical Condition
Chronic Pain
Medical History


A 79-year-old patient suffered from chronic pain (for several years) in the back, as well as in the left hip and right leg.

The patient goes through periods that are more complex than others. Sometimes, like the one that brought her to my office, the pain is more intense

Main Symptoms:

  • Lowland - Zu tai yang Channel affected

  • Pain in the right hip - Channel Zu shao yang affected

  • Ciatalgia left - Channel Zu tai yang affected

The most affected channels in your problem are the gallbladder and bladder channels. More importance was given to these in the treatment.

Case Management


1st step

Before starting the treatment, I looked for clinical findings in the Weizhong region (B40). Once findings were found, the technique was performed to release the luo vessels  .

After a few minutes I asked the patient to walk a little and look for the pain ...

Lumbar pain had passed almost 100%.

The technique for releasing luo vessels in this zone regulates the entire tai yang channel, especially in the lumbar region.

2nd step

After this relief I decided to go ahead with the YNSA technique to continue the treatment. The points were inserted according to the diagnosis.

Once again it was found that the patient had improved even more.

Yamamoto craniopuncture is known to act in several areas, particularly in osteoarticular pathologies. It is a method that obeys a proper diagnosis, and the treatments vary from session to session depending on the same diagnosis

3rd step

To finish the treatment I decided to apply Dr. Tan's protocol for low back pain

When the patient returned for the second treatment the following week, the improvements were evident. She had improved on all the symptoms, including her dizziness. The treatment was repeated except for the first technique used.

This popular set of Dr. Tan points is very famous for treating all back pains mainly when located between the L1 and S5. Points such as yaotong, Linggu and ID4 are used, but also points ashi between P5 and P6, C3 and C4

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