Acupuncture Helped me with Insomnia

Guru Dutta,
Guru Dutta,
Karnataka, India
 15 years exp 
November 02, 2018
45 YearsFemaleAsian

Medical Condition:




Medical History:

When I came to India, was already suffering from Insomnia. Had taken different sleep medications and still did not get good undisturbed sleep. Also saw a psychiatrist who gave me medicines for anxiety disorder!! The psychiatrist advised me that I should also try other alternative methods like massage, herbal remedies, etc.

At this time, I read about Acupuncture and about Anandamaya Wellness Clinic!! I made an appointment with Dr Gurudatta. In the very first acupuncture treatment, I had fairly good sleep, approximately 4 hours of undisturbed sleep. Initially

Case Management:

I started with 3 sessions per week and later reduced to 2 sessions in a week. In addition to acupuncture, I had long discussions with the Dr Gurudatta which was always fruitful and gave lots of peace of mind. For a good sleep, he advised me to practice Yoga Nidra which helped quite well. All my experience with Dr Gurudatta has been very pleasant and fruitful.

After a month's treatment, I came back to Boston and continued with Acupuncture for 2 more months in addition to my medicines from psychiatrist!! Now my sleep is regular and restful.


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