Dr. Shanthan Jodavula
Hyderabad, Telangana, India
5 years exp

Total years in practice: 5

Publish Date
December 26, 2020
45 Years, Female, Asian
Medical Condition
Gallstones, Pancreatitis
Medical History

A 45 year old female approached me with complaints of acute abdominal pain. She was diagnosed to have gallstones with a recent attack of pancreatitis. USG/MRI showed multiple stones, largest of 9.6 mm. Her Cholesterol levels and LFT levels were elevated.  She was advised for surgical removal of gallbladder

Case Management

A single medicine in minimal dose was advised for the patient. along with medicine, strict pathya (diet) was advised. Patient used them for a month. In this one month period she had only 1 attack of pain. after 1 month of treatment, scan was done which shows stone size reduced from 9.6 to 6mm.  Her cholesterol and LFT levels have come back to normal limits. Treatment is continued

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