80 Year Old Male with Chronic Kidney Disease Is Healed with Ayurvedic Treatment

Vaidya Pramod S kalos,
Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good
Maharashtra, India
 15 years exp 
March 06, 2020
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Medical Condition:

Chronic Kidney Disease



Type of Outcome:

Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good

Medical History:

80 year old male diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes Mellitus (DM) with Hypertension (HTN) and  Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD). 


He had been on Hemodialysis; and there were no apparent symptoms. He would become breathless and have extreme fatigue if he skipped hemodialysis. 

Case Management:

We customized his treatment according to doshas, dhatavas, malas, bowel habits and nutrition. He couldn’t eat meat like chicken, fish or even spicy food. 

Considering his age and interest in food, we customized his meal plans and suggested regular follow-ups.

Ayurvedic Medicines Prescribed:

Classical: Chandraprabha,Chandanadi and more according to regular check ups.

His 2D echo was showing LVEF @ 40% improved to @ 55-60% after 9 months.

His systolic dysfunction also improved after 6 to 9 months of regular treatment.

Patient was "Off" hemodialysis for more than 6 months during this period.

Suggested Diet:

Was advised to eat low carb(gluten free), average protein,average fats with more portions of fruits and vegetables. He was advised to avoid leafy vegetables.  


Yoga and Pranayam

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