Ashwagandha for sleep before bed

Are you struggling to sleep well during the night? Does your insomnia problem turn into a nightmare for you? Having a good sleep after popping a pill can make you dependent and give you side effects. In such a case, natural therapies could be a choice for treating insomnia. Getting eight hours of sleep every day wakes you up feeling refreshed and energetic for your daily activities. A night of good sleep cannot only keep you healthy but also make you feel good about yourself. Ayurveda suggests sleep problems are connected to the body lacking energy reserves, instead of having too much energy. The Ayurvedic philosophy for sleep isn't to medicate an already exhausted body but to rejuvenate internally. We can then have the energy after a sound sleep to be completely rested the next morning.

Millions of Americans have difficulty getting a good night's sleep. New research has linked numerous health issues to inadequate sleep. Brain lymphatics drain three pounds of toxins annually during sleep. The worse you sleep, the less efficiently the brain drains, and the less the brain drains, the less likely you'll find a good night's sleep. Taking ashwagandha before going to bed can support a night of healthy sleep.  Ashwagandha is known as one of the world's most powerful adaptogens, so it helps the adrenal gland regulate hormones and helps the body deal with stress. In actuality, somnifera in Latin literally means sleep inducer. Ashwagandha massaging the internals of the body to address stress and exhaustion. 

It's apparent that the many variations of stress can dramatically affect one's ability to sleep. Stress can change the circadian clock, throw off blood glucose, flood the body with stress hormones, disturb the production of hormones, change the microbiome and deplete the body's energy reserves--all factors associated with healthy sleep.

Ayurveda views sleep as one of the three pillars of wellness that heals the human body. These three pillars are Ahara (diet) Nidra (sleep), and Brahmacharya (abstinence). Happiness, distress, nutrition, emaciation, strength, fatigue, virility, sterility, knowledge, ignorance, life and death happen based on improper or proper sleep. In accordance with Charaka, once the mind is exhausted and they dissociate themselves from their objects, then the person sleeps.

Sleep occurs because of the body and brain have depleted the very important energy that keeps the body moving. The Ayurvedic strategy to induce sleep isn't to sedate the exhausted body and mind, yet to revive and rejuvenate the sattva quality of the brain and balance the Kapha dosha. Additionally, it is required to mitigate the rajas triggered by the excess Vata aggravation, so the body has a relaxed, natural sleep and a calm and peaceful mind on waking up the next morning. Research has also confirmed that high-concentration ashwagandha root extract can be an effective sleep and anxiety aid.

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