Ashwagandha benefits for anxiety

Does anxiety bother you more than what healthy people may experience? Do you often feel anxious about almost everything? Experiencing anxiety once in a while is considered to be just fine, but once a person experience anxiety attacks more than average, then they should be concerned about it. Anxiety is a common mental disorder that can affect people of all ages. Anxiety is often accompanied by long term stress, which is a common trigger factor for mood disorders, resulting in the decline of overall health and complicating the existing diseases. 

 There are various natural treatment protocols available for the management of anxiety and the reduction of stress that have shown to mitigate the effect of these prevailing health risks. One such treatment involves the usage of Ashwagandha.  Ayurveda views it as one of the essential herbs in its arsenal and uses it as a broad-spectrum remedy. A variety of neurodegenerative diseases like anxiety, depression, and Alzheimer's, stress have seen healing when treated with Ashwagandha. Various studies have also reported it's anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anxiolytic, immunomodulatory effects, and anticancer effects. 

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